The Foreclosure Timeline

Names and testimonials you send me are kept confidential, these are unsolicited testimonials

“This year has had many difficulties but even more blessings. You are one of those blessings. Thanks for taking care of us and helping us to short sell our home and to start fresh. We never imagined being able to get that kid of relief without filing for bankruptcy!” ~DC, Encinitas, Ca
“Thanks again Sean. We are looking forward to a clean slate. I really can’t tell you how much we appreciate you!” ~BD, Orange County, Ca
“Sean you pulled it off and we really appreciate that. Sorry for coming to ya late, but you still helped us dodge the foreclosure bullet. Thank you, Thank you.” ~NN, La Costa, Ca
“Thanks for helping us with our short sale. The lenders lied about giving us a loan modification and left us hanging, you were the reason we didn’t go crazy. Thanks for helping us feel good about the situation and understand how to get out of it without compromising our integrity.” ~RSJ, San Marcos, Ca
“After inheriting a four-plex and the BIG mortgage that came with it. You were able to help me sell it without losing the rest of my assets and my own home. You’ve been a mentor and a friend, thanks for doing what you do Sean.” ~Sandro D, Burbank, Ca
“Gracias por tu ayuda con la casa, pensamos irnos sin vender pero tus consejos nos ayudo quedar mas tiempo sin tener que pagar renta en otro lado.” ~JG, Escondido, Ca
“Thank you for your help, we miss the house but not the payment :-) Your help with the credit has us excited about buying again soon.” EH, San Marcos, Ca
“I co-signed with my son on a mortgage, Sean came to me through a friends referral and he helped us short sell the place. I was worried about the bank coming after me, Sean negotiated to get them to let us walk with no future payments or collections.” ~BC, Rancho Bernardo, Ca
“It’s been a bad year, I lost my house and I lost my job. I’m not feeling great by any means but at least I know I don’t have to pay back more than six hundred thousand in mortgage debt. Thanks for easing the buredn Sean.” ~BD, Vista, Ca
“I expected to pay big money for the kind of work you do, thanks for getting the foreclosure date extended and my loan modification pushed through. I will tell anybody in my situation to call you.” ~BL, Carlsbad, Ca
“Chapman, gracias por habernos ayudadp salir de un foreclosure al vender. A todos decimos, hablale al Chapman!” ~AO, Escondido, Ca
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