Sean Chapman

Sean Chapman is known around the country as one of the most successful and experienced Short Sale Negotiators/agents. In fact, Sean has negotiated over 1,500 Short Sales since 2007,  You can understand how significant this number is when you realize that the average Real Estate agent hasn’t even successfully negotiated one sale.

Sean recently sold his large short sale negotiation company to focus solely on helping California homeowners personally through a small brokerage experience. He consults with each homeowner or buyer to identify the best way for them to benefit from a transaction.

Sean is married to his best friend, Allie and together they have 3 children and live in North San Diego County.

Sean enjoys Basketball, reading, movies, serving in the church and community, dirt bikes, riding plasma cars with his kids, going to the beach, adventure and making real estate deals.

Allison Chapman is the companies co-founder and CFO, she is the real secret to our success.

Devin Clark is the Listing Manager, she is also a licensed Broker.

Tory Chapman is the CTO and primarily responsible for client relations and marketing.

Lindsay Chapman is the office manager.

David Burns is the construction/rehab superintendent.

Karen Farley is the broker of record.



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