How to stop a Foreclosure, Trustee Sale

How to Stop a Foreclosure

How to Stop a Trustee Sale and the Top 5 Ways to Stop a Foreclosure

After a lender has sent you a Notice of Default and then 90 days later they serve you with a notice of trustee sale date your time is SHORT! You need to act quickly if you are going to avoid foreclosure and avoid getting kicked out of your house by the sheriff. Watch the Video at the top of this page!

Lenders will often drag out a loan modification only to deny your request and then quickly serve the notice of trustee sale. It seems unfair especially when they tell you to give them partial payments that result in major delinquencies and the commencement of the foreclosure process. It seems like lenders are doing this on purpose, its actually quite brilliant, if you KNEW you were going to get rejected would you make any portion of a payment? Or would you just save your money and prepare to move? If they can make you think you have a good chance at keeping your home you will make a partial payment, that EXTRA money for them. Some people call this ‘throwing good money after bad’. My dad calls it the ‘golden anchor’; chasing a property down to the sea floor and then when you finally get a hold of it, you are still underwater and out of breath! Even if you are approved its at a payment thats still too high and you might owe the lender double your properties value… If you are close to a foreclosure sale date, how do you stop foreclosure in San Diego? I’ve stopped or postponed hundreds upon hundreds of foreclosures and trustee sale dates. Here are the top 5 ways to STOP a foreclosure in California.

Top 5 Ways to Stop a Foreclosure:

  1. Initiate a short sale.
  2. Submit a short sale offer.
  3. Include the property in a BK.
  4. Contact the lender and ask them to submit your ‘updated’ loan mod package and stop the foreclosure to allow for a decision.
  5. Send correspondence to management at your lender and convince them to stop your foreclosure.

If you need assistance, call me for professional, personal help. I’ve got the experience, I’ve dealt with more short sales and stopped more foreclosures than 100% of the agents or attorneys you’ll meet. Whatever you do, don’t wait! The sooner you decide what you want to do, the sooner you can relax!

858 – 779 – 4760- I can help you Stop a Foreclosure. Call me.


858 – 779 – 4760 – Call me, I can help you Stop a Foreclosure.
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